Thursday, January 16, 2014

Performing better than expected.

Holy crap it is hot out there today.  Not hot hot, but hot enough.  I grabbed a 81F reading just around 2PM today.  Feels a bit warmer than that out on my deck.  Speaking of which, I need to get a thermometer set up out there.  Regardless, upper 70s to low 80s here in town today.  Anyone want an ice cream cone?  While we start to cool off tomorrow, it looks like we will stick in the upper 70s Friday, mid 70s Saturday, and just about 70F for Sunday and Martin Luther King Day.  It is going to be niiiiiiice out there.  And we have a big swell expected to hit this weekend to boot.  A small bump up in swell for Friday, and then a whopper showing up on Sunday.  This could be the Mavs Contest swell people, so if you enjoy watching folks defy huge waves, then get your plans set to head up to Half Moon Bay.  With a lot of west in the coming swell, the show will be coming to town as well.  If you are not sure of your waterman status, steer clear of the ocean, and watch from behind the fence.  I don't want to hear of anyone getting swept from shore.  A few fell in this past Sunday, and lucky them, they were saved.

Low tide reef wash.

Upper 60s and low 70s look to continue through next week.  There is talk, and hope, of a pattern change by months end.  Here is what I see.  Mega High still looking to peak out around the weekend of the 25/26.  Looks like perfect mid winter beach weather.  We could be looking at some records here.  And then that things looks to take an Alaskan cruise vacation, and starts to migrate north.  By early February, we could be seeing some storms cutting under and starting to give us some much needed rain.  All fantasy land talk right now, but just want to keep our eyes open folks.  My gut, not science, tells me, that when the jet finally does drive into central California, it will bring a fury train of rain.  I'm staying on my toes as I continue to work on retaining walls.  I don't want to be caught with my pants down.  It is still winter here.  It is still our rainy season.  Be ready for it when it shows.

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