Sunday, November 23, 2014

Heat Wave, Turkey Style.

Well, those weather systems brought a decent dose of rain to us locally, and Saturday's actually penetrated deep into the state.  Alas, warm air kept the snow from falling, except along the highest peaks.  Ski season is still on hold, other than a few manmade runs at Heavenly and Northstar.  If you are planning a Thanksgiving ski adventure, those might be your best options.  But, really, why would you want to be anywhere except Santa Cruz for this coming week.  Especially early, things are going to be pretty damn nice.  High pressure is filling in strong after yesterday's rain, and it is setting up shop over the next few days.  A clear nighttime sky will allow you to see that crescent moon just at night, and it will allow the release of a lot of heat making for a damn crisp morning.  Monday will start off in the mid 40s, warming up around 9AM, with an early afternoon of about 70F in town.  A touch cooler near the ocean.  Tuesday looks even better with temps across town climbing squarely into the 70s.  We should maintain low 70F highs through Thanksgiving.  By Friday, the temperature begins to drop as a low pressure system begins to take residence just offshore.

Nubble Light, again, cause this place rocks.

My thinking today is we will not see any rain until at least Saturday, and light at that.  The system will begin to slowly move ashore on Sunday, pushing heavy rain into the region by late in the day.   By Monday, all of central California will be being effected, with SoCal getting a good dose by Tuesday.  Snow for the Sierra.  Now, yesterday, this system was slated to be hitting us hard by Friday, so we could see a chance for that.  And who knows, maybe it will all head way north like most of what we have seen this season so far.  Still a good five days out from the onset, and a week plus from the core, so a lot can, and will, change.  If you are planning on getting to the mountains, the current forecast keeps things dry until Sunday, but when things do  start, it looks warm.  Again, different scenario than yesterday's models that suggested a colder start.

In short, some fine nice weather for at least the next four days.  Inclement weather again looking likely, but timing still up in the air.  Rain possible as early as Friday, but likely holding off until later on Saturday.  Keep tuned.

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