Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hell or High Water.

Yeah, folks, time to pay attention.  Slight adjustments in forecast.  BTW, today was pretty damn nice out, eh?  A bit cooler tomorrow for the turkey, but otherwise not real significant change.  Maybe an uptick in the swell late.  Friday will be a bit cooler again, getting us down to the low 60s for a mid day high.  Still plenty of sunshine and light wind as the storm lines up to our north.  By Saturday we should see the rain fill in down here in Santa Cruz.  Heaviest rain falling over night and into early Sunday morning.  Storm now is forecast to continue stalled offshore, maybe even shifting south a bit, before progressing on shore late Monday into Tuesday.  We should see some break in between rain systems.  Rain could persist into Wednesday.  Still a bunch up in the air for the part next week.

Water.  More is on its way.

As you prep for your feast keep in mind a few things.  We could see some good accumulating rain fall this weekend.  It may be here before sunrise on Saturday.  It will be heavy when it does.  All in all, we could be looking at four inches or more here in town, with several more in the local hills.  Please be prepared.  If this comes in as forecast, this will be the biggest system in two years.  Nothing crazy, but not something we have had to deal with in a while.  Expect runoff, some small flooding and drainage issues.  Have you rain coat and wellies on standby.  And also, if you are commuting on Monday, check back on the forecast before you hit the road.  The early part of next week you likely will need to plan for some extra time on the road.

I'll be keeping an eye on the approaching systems as I roast a bird, feast on a meal and consume leftovers the next few days.  Check back here for updates.

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