Monday, November 3, 2014

Would ya like a warm up?

I hear that in a upstate New York accent, with a half cup of diner joe in front of me.  But, anyway, you are going to get one.  Nothing epic, but after the cool weather this past weekend, it will be a little less crisp.  We are in for a run of good weather, as it looks like the pattern of one again, off again is making a change.  Tuesday should start off pretty crisp, with an overnight low of just about 50F.  Sunrise should be nice and red.  Mostly sunny, and warming back up into the low 70s.  A bit less chilly for Wednesday morning, and a high reaching up toward 80F.  Nice, yo.  That looks like the peak, but high pressure should stick around for the end of the work week and through the weekend.  No rain in sight.  At least right now.  Of course, things change quickly this time of year, so it best to keep abreast. But as of this evening, the next real chance of rain falls some where in the mid or long term forecast.  Around mid month.  I'll write up in a bit more detail later this week.  As of now, just get out and enjoy that sunshine.  And a puddle or two if you can still find them.

Fun weather means fun clouds.

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