Friday, November 28, 2014

Okay, get ready to rumble.

Slight fine tuning to the forecast today.  Gonna go quick.  Rain is already moving down the coast and inland to our north.  Hard to believe, cause it is just gorgeous out there right now.  Should show up here in town mid day tomorrow.  It will be quite heavy just north of here.  Rain will likely be of a showery nature until the system axis shifts more N-S on Sunday, when we will see some significant rain.  Expect rain to continue for the Monday morning commute, but we are now expecting a break in the action later in the day Monday.  Could be some good stomping weather for the sunset.  But that is not all.  The core of the system will begin to move onshore later Monday night, with heavier rain beginning to impact the region through Wednesday.  Showery to clearing weather for Thursday.  So yeah, a wet run over the next five or so days.  I'll try to get a look at the weather next week as we move through the weekend.

Perkins Cove, Maine.  Boats and water.

In short, expect wet weather the next two days.  I'm expecting lighter showery weather for Saturday morning,  You might even be able to get a run in before the rain starts.  Anyway, the heavy rain line is looking to be just to our north, as in like near Pescadero.  So, yeah, a slight shift, and it will rain hard here.  Anyway, when it does come, it will fill in and it will get really wet.  Maybe we could see a break late Sunday, but much more likely it will not break until Monday.  More later.

Oh, and the surf was quite excellent today.

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