Friday, November 21, 2014

One more to come, then some increasingly fine weather through Turkey Day.

Shifting, shifting.  That rain stuck around for a while yesterday afternoon, boosting up some more admirable totals.  Almost half an inch down by Watsonville, and more than 3/4th up in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  The Sierra Crest was dusted in the south, with close to a foot north of Lake Tahoe.  Maybe we are starting to make the smallest of dents.  Starting.  And Smallest.  Anyway, that sun is poking out there today.  Plenty of clouds up around the hills, and a fog on the water, but a fair amount of blue none the less.  The next system upstream has already moved ashore, with light rain as far south as Redway along the coast.  Rain will filter south into the North Bay overnight, spreading south and east in the morning.  In Santa Cruz today things are pretty nice.  Warm in front of this next storm, which by the way, is a warmer storm than the last.  Clouds will begin developing late.  I expect a fairly nice sunset this evening, with just the right amount of clouds, and that late fall light.  Clouds fill in over night, keeping us well within the 50s.  Rain likely will develop around sunrise.  Hard to tell.  Just depends on how far south the core of this things pushes.  Somewhere will have a nice dose of heavy rain.  Showers will develop late morning through early afternoon.  The sky should clear out for night fall, making for another awesome sunset.  You could think of this as a romantic weekend.

Saturday afternoon could have some stiff northwest winds as the high pressure behind this system fills in.  Sunday morning will be one of the chillier mornings of the season yet.  Not quite cold, but it could be nice and crisp.  It is just this next storm is not bringing a cold airmass with it.  Then, under that high pressure, things will begin to warm up, with off shores developing through the week.  And some fun sized swell will fill in to start off Sunday and the workweek right.  Could be golden hour kind of week, and gorgeous weather for the holiday.  GFS still on track for a decent storm to show up soon after you have your turkey sandwich on Friday.  But the way things have been terribly inaccurate with the model lately, don't hold your breath.

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