Friday, December 5, 2014

A few sprinkles, a fair weekend, then more rain on the way.

This morning is grey, but fair.  We will likely see a good quarter inch of rain starting this afternoon or evening.  Maybe we we just get it all overnight.  Maybe it will linger through the morning hours on Saturday.  But, basically, things will be clearing up for the weekend.  Get out there and enjoy the great outdoors.  The streams are flowing, and that means that the waterfalls are going.  Pogonip comes to mind for easy access.  Big Basin if you want to get out and see the real stuff.  Dress warm.  Like wool socks, a good sweater, and a flannel.  A pair of Wellies come to mind.  Get it while it last.  Another bought of showers is due to pass through Monday morning.  Nothing like the last few days, but showers none the less.  By Monday evening, high pressure is trying to fill back in.

Tuesday could be real nice.  Nicest day we have seen in a while.  Sunshine, warmth, an off shore breeze.  A new solid swell should be filled in by then.  Starting to look like a real nice day to get out in the water.  We should still be in the nice weather for Wednesday, but by Thursday we could be in for more heavy rain.

More update this afternoon.  Gotta run.

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