Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Armageddonz!!!!! EXTREME!!!!

I know, right?  So, we have a significant storm on our doorsteps.  It looks like it might already be raining in Fort Bragg on the NorCal coast.  Rain will spread south through the North Bay tonight, hitting SF just around the morning commute, and into the South Bay by mid day.  The heaviest band of rain will fill in closely behind the initial rain.  So, this ain't nor sporadic shower type of event.  Once it starts, it will be going.  And strong south winds are to accompany the rain.  So, yeah, you might want to plan on being inside some where cozy.  Anyway, sure, this storm looks solid.  But all the hype out there about this one is a bit over rated in my estimate.  It may surpass any of the storms we saw in the fall of 2012, but certainly not wetter than March 2011.  Look, the weather outlets are not wrong.  It will rain quite a bit.  But they are acting like the news outlets, sensationalizing things to get a good number of people to look.  But I'm gonna go one bigger and call for armageddon.  Or maybe just say, sure be prepared, but try not to stay up late worrying about it.  It is just a rain storm.

Bridge up.  Perkins Cove, Maine.  Hope to have some local shots soon, for those of you bored of Maine.

SF, Berkeley and Oakland schools have already called for the day off tomorrow.  Sure gonna be a lot of parents in the cities tonight figuring out day care plans or calling off from work.  That said, commutes in/out of the cities might be a bit lighter than usual.  I won't talk much about the drive, cause I have done that already.  Except, just try to be courteous.  And not ruin someone's day, weekend, month or life.  More things to watch out for.  Power outages, especially in the hills where the wind gusts could exceed 70 mph.  Know where your flash lights or head lamps are.  Keep one near the bed.  Stay away from downed lines and call PGE.  Watch for flash floods in low lying areas, especially as we near night fall on Thursday.  Expect, and plan for a ton of wind.  And as much as I love putting on some rain gear, and going outside to enjoy the outdoors in the midst of the rain,  we plan to spend the worst of it inside.  So should you.  Not saying we won't be out and about tomorrow running errands.  Hell, it might be the best time to do so.  With all the hype, even local traffic might be down.  Anyway, it won't be a bad night for meatloaf.

Rain continues strong overnight on Thursday, with the heaviest rain for SC likely from 10PM until 4AM Friday.  Rain tapers significantly in the afternoon hours, and high pressure noses in for the weekend.  If you did not notice it, cooler air has already begun to move in, and this storm has a small packet of cold air.  High temps on Saturday will barely reach the 60s, and with the clearing sky, overnight lows could dip into the low 40s, and upper 30s for some mountain valleys.  Sunday looks similar, with rain likely moving back in for Monday and Tuesday.  This system is not as wet looking, but being on the heals of super saturating the soil, we should plan for more armegeddonz.

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