Monday, December 29, 2014

Super Chill

Wind chill that is.  This system is coming in cold, and basically dry along the central coast.  Perhaps a sprinkle over night, but the breezy conditions will have things dried out in no time.  Protect your tender plants.  Wednesday night will be our coldest of the season.  What is crazy about this system is how deep south it will dive, just to our east.  Basically it will be as cold in Malibu and Palm Springs as it is in Santa Cruz.  Okay, we might be a degree or two colder come early Wednesday morning, but barely.  Get out there tomorrow and make sure you are ready for some gusty north east winds.  Those should arrive by afternoon and build into Wednesday.  And did I mention it is going to get cold.  Snow falling down to 2000 feet in the hills surrounding L.A.  Too bad we won't see a bit more moisture with this thing.  One of my favorite things to view is snow on the mountains around Monterey Bay.  Maybe later this year.  Anyway, dress warm, put an extra log or two on the fire, crank up the heater, cozy up with a friend.  What ever it takes, stay warm.  Things will slowly warm through the rest of the week, and we should have a fairly nice weekend coming to us.  We could even begin to move back into the low 60s as early as Sunday, with the overnight lows back into the upper 40s.  Almost tropical, eh?  Still watching next week for a rain maker.  More to come.

Still, it is sunset season.  Just dress a tad warmer.  West Cliff Drive.

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