Thursday, December 11, 2014

Knocking on the door...

I'm sure you can hear the winds.  They are not too strong yet, but they are beginning to whip up a fury.  They will get stronger.  The wharf is recording 24 knot winds from the south.  The Monterey buoy is 35 knots.  And a farm, just north of Davenport, along Scotts Creek is recording 37.  That there is some serious wind.  The strongest gusts I see this morning are at the Half Moon Bay buoy, recording gusts to 45 knots.  Looking at the radar, rain is falling in SF, with a heavy band in Marin.  Just about 40 miles off shore there is a band of orange and red.  Red indicates tornados.  While I don't think there are actually tornados out there, I do suspect very low pressure, very strong winds and very heavy rain.  Get ready.  It should all be here in the next few hours.  Have fun.

I'll try to get another update later today when I get an idea of when things should lighten, and when things should break.  Hey, maybe you can go for a walk along West Cliff Friday evening if we get lucky.  And don't forget to get out and enjoy this coming weekend.  If nothing else, the water falls are going in full swing.

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