Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cooler air and five more inches.

Things are off to a good start.  The most recent drought monitor map for the state now has Marin County down graded from Exceptional to merely Extreme drought.  And that was before we saw another 3-5 inches of rain fall last Thursday.  So, yeah, can't wait to see the next release.  And we could have up to five more inches of rain fall along the central coast this week.

Anyone need a warm up?  Short Sands Beach, York Maine.  August.

I've been on the road a bit, and in the mountains and have not spent a lot of timing looking over models, but here is a quick update.  First, more solid swell is coming in overnight, along with strong south winds and more rain.  While these winds are going to be a lot lighter than last Thursday morning, the ground is quite a bit wetter.  We may see some power outages and downed trees overnight.  Rain again moves from north to south, starting later this evening in Marin.  There is already some rain off the coast on the radar.  We should see some moderate to heavy showers early in the morning hours and through mid day on Monday.  Over an inch is expected, with the bullseye near San Francisco with over 2.5 inches.  So yeah, a good amount of rain on Monday.  And chilly, with a high in the mid 50s.  Showery weather continues overnight with a low in the upper 40s.

Tuesday will be mellower, but we are still looking at rain showers during the day.  We could see some more breaks in the activity, basically netting less than a half inch of rain, with the core of the system moving south of Point Conception.  Similiar day and night time temps to Monday.  And then a second wave moves through Wednesday, boosting us back up to an inch plus of rain, but this time the bullseye being south of us near SLO.  Still plenty of water for the coast.  Anyway, when that thing starts to clear out Wednesday night, we will see another round of cold air moving through, dropping the overnight lows into the low 40s.  Thursday could be fair, with possibly another rain maker late Friday.  And right now it looks like we could be in for a good weekend, and even possibly a few days next week with high pressure.  More later.

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