Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Another angry inch, Flood Advisory!

Lots of rain fell overnight, and lots more is expected today.  What an excellent rain maker.  Wet and blustery is the forecast for today.  And the best news yet is that SoCal is getting hammered today, giving the state wide spread rain.  Several inches of more rain is expected from Santa Barbara through the LA Basin.  Locally, we are looking at accumulating a solid inch today.  With the inch that fell in town yesterday and the four inches that fell in the mountains, the NWS has posted a flood warning for the county.  The San Lorenzo is flowing, as is every creek and drainage around.  Pooling has started in the usual areas.  So use caution, and drive intelligently.  Leave early, give space, and basically don't drive like a selfish ass.  Lives could depend on it.  And even in non fatal crashes, no one wants to spend an hour or more on the side of the road, filling out police reports, during a rain storm.  Okay, pulpit put away.  Now the weather.

A working lobster harbor, Perkins Cove, Maine.

Of course is it now old news that this rain storm is for real.  Best run of rain since 2012.  Yes, it is awesome, but some of you may start to wonder when we will next see the sun.  So here is the low down.  Last night, around 5PM the clouds parted and I was looking at stars by 6PM.  Clouds filled back in by 8PM and the rain started in the early morning hours.  Why do I mention this?  Because the breaks of sun might be of a similiar nature.  The moderate to heavy rains should abate today, and by this evening, we should be moving into a more showery period.  Temps should remain mild with highs in the mid 60s.  Thursday should remain showery in the morning hours, but it will start to become more sporadic as the day continues.  I would not be surprised if we are seeing patches of blue and rainbows by sunset.  Heck, it could be spectacular out.  But we are not out of the rain maker just yet, as light rain showers could occur through the early morning hours of Saturday.  That does not mean that Friday is necessarily a rainy day.  At least plan for some showers and possibly some sun, at some in between.  When all is said and done, we will have added up nearly six inches of rain in the county.  More in the mountains.  More than all of the 13/14 winter.  Yipeee!

The weekend is looking nice as high pressure makes an attempt to move in.  We are not expecting a huge pumping bubble of awesomeness, so the sky will remain a mix of blue and clouds, and temps remain in the low to mid 60s.  With more open sky, overnight temps will shift back down into the mid to upper 40s.  But no rain is expected.  So, the puddle stomping will be all time, as will be the sunrise and sunset.  Take advantage, as we are already looking at the next storm up stream possibly impacting the region by mid next week.  Hell, the 6AM GFS has more rain as early as next Monday.  So don't spend your weekend inside watching football on the telly.  There is a great outdoors that needs to be enjoyed.

I'll update on Tahoe snow when I get online tomorrow.  Things are improving, but are far from epic.

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