Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tis the season to get cold.

Been a pretty mild autumn.  Had a few hot days in September, but other than those it has been neither cold, nor too warm.  Well, winter is here, and I hope you have some warm clothes.  Or get gifted some in the next few days.  Cause your gonna need em.  Today, Tuesday, is looking fair, with much less fog this morning.  In fact, I can see clear across the bay today.  And we still have that mild air in place.  High temps should reach through the mid 60s, and into the upper 60s today.  Yummy.  And, with all the water that fell last week, the streams and falls are running.  Put on some hikers or stompers and get out there and enjoy the green.  Nature is in a giving mood this season.  Tomorrow, we begin to see a shift.

Just checking out the surf at the Lane.

Before we get to that, we have out final King Tide high this morning, and low this afternoon.  While a little less drastic than yesterday, there will still be some awesome tide pooling and sunset watching on tap this afternoon.  The tide swings negative just about 3:30 this afternoon, and hits a negative 1.24 around 5:30PM.  Try to get a photo with a spiny crab in the foreground and a winter sunset in the back.  Or just enjoy the views.  Anyway, quite a bit cooler tomorrow.  The morning begins similiar, but the air just never quite warms up as much.  Clouds should impact us by afternoon, to a degree.  The coming storm is scheduled for Christmas Eve.  I do believe that Santa prefers to work in a storm, to allow him to perform his duties without detection.  Pretty sure he is sending this storm, as it will feel like it is arriving from the North Pole.  It likely will pass through our area around 6-10PM on Wednesday night.  Just a sprinkle for us though, as the core of the system is compact, and about 100 miles east.  Tahoe could get hit quick and hard, and with a lot of luck, could score up to a foot of light cold smoke powder.  That would be a Christmas Miracle an set the mountains up for a good week of holiday schussing.  If you do head up, expect cold temps with the highs barely getting out of the twenties.  Down here, by Christmas Day (Thursday) we will be stuck in the upper 50s.

Things should clear up on Thursday.  Winds should be light, and off shore.  Surf conditions could go from fair to excellent.  A swell arriving today will fade through the work week.  Perhaps some smaller energy to follow.  Thursday night looks to be one of the coldest yet this season.  The sky remains clear.  A back door slider will attempt to hit the Sierra on Sunday, but it should just be crisp and clear in in Santa Cruz.  Grab a scarf, and enjoy some winter sunshine.  I'll keep you posted about any back door sliders that might try to bring some cold rain.  Otherwise, we look clear through the rest of the year.  Happy holidays, and be your best this season.

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