Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hype and Hysteria

So, yeah.  I read some where that this storm coming for Thurs/Fri is the biggest in 5 years.  While I might go out on a limb and say it is the biggest in 3 1/2 years, there is now way this one storm is bigger than March of 2011.  But it will be a solid rain maker.  And my fingers are crossed that it pushes over the crest and delivers the much needed snow to the Sierra. Here are a few things to watch out for over the next few days.

Slick Roads:  Californians in general, forget how to drive in the rain, after a summer season of dry weather.  Some slow down not at all, and others slow down way too much.  And that causes enough trouble.  Mix in two to three inches of rain in a twelve hour period, and you start getting puddles, pools and flooding roadways.  Watch out for the hydroplane.  Watch out for others that hydroplane.  Give a lot of space, slow down a bit, double check before switching lanes, and if you have not already done so this season, get some new wind shield wipers.  Might want to check your tires as well.  And never try to cross a flooded roadway that has water moving swiftly across it.  There could be sink holes, or you can get picked up by the current.  Be careful out there.  Things should be pretty damn gnarly by Thursday afternoon.

Ocean Dangers:  We have a solid swell filling in right now, with a solid storm swell to arrive later today just in front of the storm.  Lots of people enjoy surfing in big waves.  Just know your limits.  There was a rescue near the Lighthouse during the last stormy period.  If you prefer to watch the surf, stay well away from the water's edge.  Behind a fence is even better.  Every year people get swept off the rocks in Central California.  Some never are recovered.  With the heavy rain, mudstone will be slick to boot.  And if you are headed into the water, plan on a bacteria infection.  Expect all waterways to flush out with this system.

Saturated Soils:  The last group of storms have done a good job at saturating the soil.  Most of this new rain will flow into creeks, streams, and rivers.  Many will breach their banks at times, so be prepared for some flash flooding.  And with the wet soils, we see a greater chance of trees falling.  Especially with the strong winds this storm will be packing.  Plan to lose power at some point over the next few days. especially if you live in the hills.

More later.  Gotta run

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