Sunday, December 28, 2014

Snow for the base of the Palm Springs tram possible.

You know that desert, warm weather resort popular in the 50s, just east of the L.A. Basin?  Yup, that place.  It could get snow.  Seriously.  Well, not the valley floor.  But just up the hill, at the tram base, at about 2,000' elevation, there could be snow falling in a few days.  That would mean that the top of the tram would get snow for sure, at over 8,000'.  Anyway, enjoy another mild, or perhaps just slightly chilly day on Sunday.  Cold start to the morning we have today, but things will warm up into the upper 50s by afternoon, with light winds and plenty of sunshine.  Then an arctic blast makes its way down from Canada on Monday.  The day will start similiar to Sunday, but by afternoon, clouds will become more dominate, and there is a very slight chance of light showers.  Highs reaching only to the mid 50s.  By Tuesday, we should see some colder air in place, along with gusty north northeast winds.  Lucky for us, we live by the sea.  The warm ocean waters will help moderate the air, and keep us from getting too cold.  Low 50s on Tuesday.  Else where, they will feel the cold.  Tahoe will see a high of just about 20F.  The Salinas Valley will see lows drop into the upper 20s.  Freeze and frost advisories are being posted.  The bulk of the moisture wit this system is headed down to southern California.  There is a distinct chance for snow in the inland valleys near L.A. and San Diego.  The Tahoe region is only expecting an inch or two.

Those rainy days earlier in the month were quite a bit warmer.  Lighthouse Field.

By Wednesday, the high pressure becomes dominate, with cold air in place.  Low 30s overnight, and low 50s in the afternoon.  The strong winds should begin to subside, and we will settle into some pleasant, albeit cold, weather to finish of the year.  Perhaps consider some hot beverages for your New Years Eve party.  Crisp, although slightly warmer, and clear weather lasts through the weekend, with high temps climbing back up to about 60F by Sunday.  Next potential rain maker looks to arrive around Tuesday, January 6th.  I will be watching and keeping you posted.  For now, stay warm out there.

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