Friday, December 12, 2014

Three to Six; Tahoe snow a bust.

Rain event was a swifter mover than expected, but still dropped from three to six inches across the county.  The storm started with a very heavy band of rain, and then continued with moderate to heavy rain all day.  Around 9PM we saw rain fall rates again increase, and things started to clear around midnight.  We may see some showery weather today, but the bulk of the system is now to our southeast.  Three to Six inches.  Holy geez.  And while there is still a chance for some of this system to spill over the crest and into the Tahoe Basin, most resorts are only reporting a few inches.  Kirkwood claims new inches at the base with more up top, and the Sugarbowl cam suggest they got about a foot at their base.  Both those resorts are west of the Sierra Crest, and that made all the difference.  But let's look at our weather for today.

We will enjoy some blooms this year.  Thank you rain.

Cooler air today.  Highs in the upper 50s.  Continued thick cloud cover, with perhaps some breaks of blue.  Chance of sporadic showers.  Actually, looking at the radar, I see some showers to our west, so it seems likely we will see some of that.  Continued clouds tonight keep us from getting too chilly, but it will drop into the low 40s.  Saturday is the winner, with some sun, and slightly warmer temps due to that.  Still, we will barely scratch into the 60s.  And that clearing sky will allow radiational cooling, so day break on Sunday could be quite chilly, but not dropping below 40F here in town.  With more rain likely on the the way, Sunday is still up in the air.  GFS this morning suggest the next round of rain will hold off until after sunset on Sunday, so we could be in for a nice day.

This next storm looks a little less wet, and a little bit colder.  I likely won't get another post up until Monday.  The boy and I are headed to the snow for a little sledding and a little sliding.  As it looks now, rain moves in late Sunday evening and lasts through the very early morning hours on Wednesday.  It will be cool, with temps not getting out of the 50s.  Cloudy on Wednesday, with improving conditions Thursday.  Another system, even colder, sweeps out of the north late next Friday.  Yup, we are in a rainy period.  More next week.  For now, get outside and enjoy the puddles.  Some showers today (in fact, they just started back up) with fair weather for the weekend.

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