Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Moderate winds in front of a one, two jab.

Feel the breeze?  That is the next round of rain moving into the region.  You can almost feel it in the air.  Heavy rain will be here shortly.  Due to the speed of this thing, we may only get a bit more than an inch from this thing.  It could possibly provide a foot of snow for the Sierra.  North Lake locations did pretty well last night.  Crest south of the lake got 6-10 inches.  Much better than expected, with the bulk of these systems moving north to south with little spill over.  Anyway, get ready for some more serious rain tonight.  ANd it remains chilly, with the high for Wednesday in the mid 50s.  Be ready for a wet morning commute, but rain should shift to showers by 9AM.  This thing looks like it could have another burst or moderate rain in the afternoon, depending how it wraps, so after a fair weather afternoon and evening, we might see some showers very early Thursday morning.  Otherwise, Thursday should be fair.  And Friday's system late, and a bit north, so yeah, Friday could turn out fairly decently.  Rain should come later in the evening if it does at all.

Oh, and these guys.  Lighthouse Field, Santa Cruz.

So basically, we are looking at heavy rain tonight, showers Wednesday early, maybe some more showers before sunrise Thursday, with the day being fair.  Perhaps some starts Thursday night, and a bit cooler.  Clouds fill in for Friday, but rain likely to hold off until later.  Perhaps a shower or two to start the day Saturday, with cloud quickly clearing.  The weekend looks very nice indeed.  High pressure through Christmas Eve, or so it seems.  More later.

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