Wednesday, December 17, 2014

So, its raining...

Feeling pretty good about the forecast being fairly spot on, as more rain pitter patters upon my roof top.  We had a short period of showers on the west side this afternoon from 3 to 3:30 or so, then it held off for an hour.  Been raining pretty much since.  The heaviest stuff has moved east of us, but we could expect some light shower activity through midnight.  Thursday will begin in the upper 40s, with clouds, but basically a dry sky.  Some clearing mid day, as an offshore flow blows things out.  Surf could have a lot better shape on it tomorrow.  With a little bit of sun shinning, we could hit 60F.  Great day to be outside.  Sunset is looking to be a good one with the low winter sun and partly cloudy sky.  Next system up stream looking a little quicker to arrive and a bit more progressive with today's runs.  So, thinking rain should be here by the morning commute on Friday, with showers lasting through much of the day, likely moving east by sun down.  Then the good times begin.

Storm clouds piling up on the Santa Cruz Mountains.  More rain tonight and tomorrow.  Then the sun returns.

High pressure fills in Saturday, along with a large, long period swell.  Surf could hit the XXL range just up the coast.  With light to off shore breezes, the goods will be out there.  If you enjoy viewing crazy stunts, might want to head up to Half Moon Bay, catch a session at Mavs and crab lunch at the brewery.  Whatever you choose to do, you might want to plan on being outside.  It will be quite nice.  And it only gets better.  Sunshine and upper 60s by Christmas Eve.  More later.

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