Thursday, December 4, 2014

Snow and Drought Report.

Yeah, I'll get to that.  First, a short forecast update for the next few days.  Actually, first, a hind cast.  About a third of an inch fell in Soquel and two and two thirds of an inch fell in Ben Lomand.  I measured just under an inch on our south slope on the west side.  And while the Wednesday was less wet than Tuuesday, it sure won the blustery award.  Holy wind storm batman.  The most excitin part of the day was when my son and I were leaving his preschool in a semi epic squall of high wind and very heavy rain, he turned to me and yelled over the blustering winds, "Is this winter?"  Yes, why, yes it is.  And it sure feels good.  Anyway, today will be way mellower.  Far lighter winds, and only a slight chance of some light showers during the day.  We may even see a few more breaks in the clouds.  In fact, the clouds are hanging high, and as I type, I can see the sunrise starting over in the east.  I fully expect a few rainbows, and awesome sunset, and possibly even a unicorn sighting.

Black Eyed Susans.  

Another wave of storms will come from the W-NW for Friday, with an increasing chance of showers through the day.  Mild again, with a high in the low to mid 60s.  By Saturday morning, we should see drying and breaking clouds.  Could be a nice mild day.  The next system up stream is due to arrive later in the evening Sunday.  So we have a nice dry weekend on tap.  Best to get out there and enjoy the puddles.  The water falls should be in great shape too.  And the hillsides are turning green again.  Good stuff.  Monday is currently looking like it will bring moderate showers, with a drying out for Tuesday.  By Thursday, we could be looking at another wet storm.  And this one looks cold.  More on that later.

So, yeah, that drought.  As of December 2nd, we are still Exceptional across most of the state.  The extreme NW 1% of the state is now at D0, or Abnormally Dry.  That is the lowest level of drought.  So, yeah, we are still in a pretty bad drought.  Now, we have received quite a bit of rain since this report, but not nearly enough to wrap this thing up.  Still, we are moving in the right direction.  What is interesting to me is that up here in the Bay Area we reduced our water usage about 15% from last year to this year, while those in SoCal only reduced their use 1%.  So, yeah, if you have friends or family down south, give them a good scolding.  They are taking our water to keep their lawns green.  Does that make me angry.  You betcha!  Keep up the good work and keep your usage low.

As for the snow, the report is a bit grim.  All this rain, and just a little snow.  The north side of the lake faired better as a pool of cold air allowed greater snow accumulation and much lower snow levels.  The upper portions of Squaw, Northstar and Mt Rose received close to three feet of snow.  Kirkwood got mostly rain due to an inversion.  Mostly.  They also got a good dose of snow, especially on the upper mountain, but not really enough to get things opened up.  We will need to take another look after Friday's system.   Hopefully it will be cold enough to fill in the base.  More on this soon as well.

Get out and enjoy the day.  Possibly some showery periods.  Friday looks wetter.  The weekend will be dry, with some clouds.  More rain to start off next week.

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