Monday, December 1, 2014

So, it is complicated.

Sun is out there now, but there was a decent shower this morning.  Looks like the rest of the day will be clear and cool.  Expect a high in the mid 60s.  That sun will feel nice.  A bit of an east wind this morning will turn southerly late in the day and into the evening.  Another round of storms will begin to impact us in the early morning hours of Tuesday.  This next storm will be coming in from the west-southwest, so it will drive warm air in front of it, hence today's mid 60s.  And while not as cold as the last two storms, it will bring back in cooler air.  And this one is packing a whole lot more water.  Heavy rain will fill in from the south.  It looks like Big Sur will get the brunt of the first round of this one, but expect some heavy rain here in town tomorrow.  And especially so on the south slope of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Highs on Tuesday in the low 60s.  For you commuters out there, I'd plan on rain for both drives.  You might luck out and get rolling before the rain starts to fall in the morning, or, you might luck out and only need to drive through showery weather on the way home.  But it might be smart to plan for downpours both ways, leave early, slow down, and be safe.

Sunrise, Wells Harbor, Maine.  

After the first wave of heavy rain, things will lighten up.  Cloud cover will keep us in the 50s overnight.  Showers continue into Wednesday, with temps in the low to mid 50s.    That much we pretty much know.  Pretty much.  After that, the storm begins to move through, but will spin and drag moisture across us.  While there will be some clearing on Thursday, yup, showers are likely to continue, at least through the morning.  And another storm is lining up to brush us from the north on Friday.  All that is still questionable, but it does look likely that high pressure will return for next weekend.  But don't hold your breath, more rain makers try to break through as early as next Tuesday.  Fingers crossed for some dent to the drought this December.

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