Friday, December 19, 2014


Today we are experiencing our final day in an eight day long wet period.  Tomorrow high pressure does a bit more than nose in.  But, wow, what a finisher.  Almost an inch reported in Ben Lomond in the last 24 hours and .78" in Davenport.  Santa Cruz proper, to be sure, will be much less, but it has been a solidly rainy day here in town.  I meant to post up yesterday, saying the models were more progressive and it looked like we could get some more rain midday than previously expected.  But this far exceeds even those expectations.  Kirkwood has more than 5 inches on its snow stake since 5AM, and 2" is reported along the riverfront on 89, near Squaw Valley.  Up top, I imagine both those, and other resorts will be reporting nearly a foot by tomorrow morning.  Now, don't get super excited about a powder day and go charging up the roads.  Most of that will have fallen during operating hours and will have already been tracked out.  Still, gonna be a good weekend to go skiing.  Unless you like to surf as well.  Cause that is about to go off tomorrow morning.

A grove in Lighthouse Field can offer a little rain protection.

First, the weather.  Showers weaken and end this evening.  Cool air is in place.  High pressure clears out the clouds through the day tomorrow.  Some remain to ensure an awesome sunset.  Things actually warm up nicely in during the day, as a warm air mass almost immediately replaces an cool air aloft.  Low 60s, with night time lows sticking in the low 50s.  A very solid swell is arriving overnight.  Use caution when approaching near the ocean, including the walkway along West Cliff Drive.  This swell is large, with over ten feet of deep water swell at periods exceeding 18 seconds.  If you do not consider yourself an expert surfer, consider either staying on land, or checking out Capitola.  Middle Peak likely will be in excess of 15 feet, with Mavericks likely breaking near 25 feet.  Again, please be careful.  Conditions look great though, with light morning winds.  Sunday will be a little warmer, and the surf will be a little more manageable.  More of the same trend Tuesdays, with the afternoon high in the upper 60s.  A new swell will boost the size back up a bit late in the day.  Wednesday looks like a carbon copy.

Basically high pressure is in place.  A storm will try to back door us on Thursday. More on that to come.  Enjoy the great weather tomorrow.  And be careful near the ocean.

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