Friday, December 26, 2014

Cold, the milder, then colder.

You though this morning was chilly?  My buddy reminded me I'm from the north east when I complained of the cold wind on my back just after the sun rose.  The ocean water actually felt warmer than the air.  There was frost on the bench.  At the beach.  Sure, it was in the shade.  It was also at sea level.  I'm sure communities up in the hills had a chill this morning.  Down here in town we will top out in the mid to upper 50s with a crisp breeze blowing out of the north.  Tonight, it gets cold.  If you have any tender plants, you may want to protect them.  Floating row covers, or even a tea towel tossed over you plants will protect them.  Watch out for well shaded, low lying areas where cold air can pool.  Anyway, in the mid 30s tomorrow morning in Santa Cruz.

After the storms.  Missing the rain, yet?

The weekend is looking a touch warmer, with the winds becoming lighter.  Upper 50s, with the overnight low staying above 40F.  Colder, mid to upper 30s, for the mountain valleys.  Down here in town you won't really need to worry about the frost.  On Monday, we see a cold, dry system back door us, similar to Wednesday's system.  Very light showers possible, along with much crisper air, on Tuesday.  Highs will barely reach the lower 50s, with Thursday morning being very cold.  Slight warmer through the New Year.  More updates later.  Stay toasty.

If you are headed up to ski during the holiday, the resorts got an inch or two of cold, dry snow on Christmas Eve on top of a very firm snow pack.  This weekend, it will be about a 32F high at 8000' over the weekend, with highs in the teens for early next week.  Snow will be firm, and fast, with some pockets of chalk.  More snow possible Monday night into Tuesday.  Not epic by any means, but the days the sun are out, should be pleasant enough.  Dress warm.

As for the surf, that is dropping through Saturday, with maybe a new, smaller swell for Sunday and early next week.  WIth winds blowing off shore, some of this stuff could be fun.  Expect waist to chest plus on the eastside, head high on the west, and a touch bigger north and south of town.

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