Tuesday, November 17, 2015

36 hours in agreement, 7 days out.

When you see a significant shift in a certain model run, you often expect the subsequent run to revert to the previous forecast.  The past six runs of the GFS have all suggested that a strong, wet, and cold system will move down the coast early next week, bringing heavy rain and snow around next Wednesday.  The busiest travel day of the year.  Hurrah.  Now, we are still seven days out and that is a very long time from now, especially in a shoulder season.  But the rain gods have been with us recently, so I think that is enough to not worry too much about the science.  We will likely see rain.

We remain with the forecast detailed yesterday, for this work week.  We still are expecting to hit 70F on Friday.  Maybe lingering into Saturday.  Mild to warm.  Mellow winds.  Mostly sunny skies, but with just enough high clouds to make those sunsets pop.  Looking out the window right now and the light is sick.  A little cooler going into Sunday and Monday, with more clouds, and possibly torrents of rain for Tuesday.  Stay tuned.  Especially if you are planning for travel next week.

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