Monday, November 9, 2015


It really was an angry inch.  Here on the west side .82 inches was recorded for the day as of 8PM.  Parts of the county were pushing up and over an inch.  Mostly those areas south of us, and toward the valley.  Mountains north and east of Santa Cruz were recording about .6 inches, and Davenport comes in on the low end around .2 inches.  Same spread as that last system.  The storm continues to circulate, and there is a chance for more showers tonight, but it won't be wide spread.  Precipitation is now focusing on the Sierra, where a foot or so of snow is expected tonight.  Freezing levels drop down to 3000 feet, so the foot hills will see a little white dusting.

By morning, we should be looking at a mostly clear sky.  Clouds will linger enough to make it beautiful.  Stars are already shining on the west side.  Crisp morning, and a cool day tomorrow.  The next five days ahead see some warming, most noticeable by Friday.  Chances for another Monday storm increase.  So exciting.  

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