Sunday, November 8, 2015

A good round one of wetting.

And forecast totals are rising.  The area between Santa Cruz and Monterey got a decent rain today.  And valleys tot he east of us.  Between a two tenths of an inch and a half of an inch fell across the county today.  Most areas ranged between two and three tenths.  Still, that is more than we expected from the entire rain period we are in.  And it has just started.  And projections have gone up for a wave expected to come through tomorrow evening.  Not that the morning won't be wet as well.  Oh, boy.  It is all very exciting.  Saw plenty of happy faces out there today.  And the swell is cranking a little bit to boot.  A good Sunday.

Ladder Canyons near Mecca, California.

So, Monday is going to start off with a grey sky, and a decent chance of showery weather.  I'd expect some wet roads, and light rain for the morning commute.  Leave early people.  And give space.  There is still a lot of summer time oil lifting out of those roads.  It will be cool, but not cold, thanks to those clouds.  Upper 40s.  The day will slowly warm to perhaps 60F.  A cool day for sure.  Chances of rain increase through the afternoon, and we could see some periods of moderate rain, not unlike today.  Into the evening, there is even a chance of more continuous rain.  Exciting, eh?  What drives that rain is a cold front passing through, so it will get brisk in the evening.  Lows, even with cloud cover and rain, dropping into the low 40s.  Then things begin to dry out.

This front is cold folks.  Tuesday will see perhaps a few breaking early morning clouds, then sun.  Even with the lighter winds, the high will only get up into the very low 60s.  And with the stars out Tuesday night, we have a distinct chance of seeing lows drop into the upper 30s in protected valleys.  Crisp.  Veteran's Day no longer looks quite as warm, but highs will push through into the upper 60s.  And by late in the work week, and into the weekend, it looks like some fine weather.  Sunny, and 70.

Just a final note.  There are some models beginning to suggest another round of storms coming some time between this next Sunday and Tuesday.  That is new to the GFS.  I was expecting a return to some continued dry and warm fall weather, but this will be something to watch.  Maybe some more water will come instead.

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