Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Feeling wintery.

Not like dead of winter cold.  It is not like it was dipping into the thirties or anything.  But is was a crisp morning out there.  It just had the aura of winter.  And that might be what is sticking around for the foreseeable future.  It is barely in the mid 60s out there today.  While there will be some warming through Saturday, the good money is that we don't see 70F.  Overnight lows stay put in the 40s until Sunday, and that is only because we will be seeing some cloud cover.  Rain of some sort looking likely.  Details as we edge a bit closer, but timing looks ominously similiar to this past Monday's rain.  The big difference is this one will be pulling a bunch less water off the ocean than the last.  Expect precipitation totals to reflect that.  But then again, that river tap we had was a a bit of surprise.  Maybe we will be surprised again.  Wouldn't that be nice.

With the short days, it is time to start selecting your winter fruits

What is interesting today is the long term, as several models agree on a nice, progressive pattern.  It is November.  It is time for the rain to start.  Nothing is for sure.  Not even this next Monday morning.  We could see nothing.  Still, the charts suggest that after this next Monday, things will basically dry out again for a week.  And still remain cold.  By the middle of the month, though, we could be looking at a series of strong, wet storms stacking up.  More later.  Plan for more rain.

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