Monday, November 30, 2015

So, it rained.

Just a few drops on the wind shield this morning, but it actually rained a bit just now.  Maybe a few more drops through the evening.  The clouds are heavy out there.  And it is cool.  With very little sunshine, things are not warming up much today.  Not much changed from the forecast a few days ago, except that the splitting storm coming ashore is dragging a bit more moisture with it.  Clouds will be thick today.  Those same clouds will allow for less cold due to radiational cooling tonight.  Yay!  It won't be frigid.  As for Thursday, different models have different solutions.  All wet.  Some wetter than others.  It will take another day or two to settle on a forecast.  In the meantime, still plan for light to moderate rain arriving on Thursday.  Just want to note the latest model runs are a bit wetter and a bit cooler than previous runs.  Something to note.

Looking out into the mid and long term, we see a series of cooler storms with limited moisture lining up.  Feeling more like CO than CA recently.  I'll get a more comprehensive look at things up tomorrow.  In the meantime, stay warm, and enjoy the warmer weather on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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