Friday, November 13, 2015

Inside, Outside, Upside Down

It has been feeling a little that way recently.  More rain on the way.  Forecast totals ticked up again today.  It is looking like a solid We could be seeing totals in town hit a half inch, with possibly more on favorable mountain slopes.  The past two storms have found the slope in my yard favorable.  Saturday will be nice, if a bit cooler than today.   Saturday evening the winds will pick up out of the south west.  Rain moves down the coast overnight, along with a cold front with strong north west winds behind it.  It will be a wet, brisk morning on Sunday.  This thing should move through quickly and we could see rain turn to showers during the morning with the weather breaking by afternoon.  Afternoon highs in the low 60s.  I'd expect to see a gorgeous sunset on Sunday.  Monday will be a drier day, with fewer clouds, but will certainly start brisk again.  We may see temps dip back down into the upper 30s again.

October Wednesday evening on West Cliff Drive.

So, not exactly the same timing as the past two storms, but we need only look ahead a week to see another one schedule for next Sunday/Monday.  Between then and now, we will see the day time highs warm back up into the upper 60s and lows into the upper 40s.  Sunshine, and in general, nice high pressure calmness starting Tuesday.  A storm mid-week heads through to our north.  It was once forecast to hit us hard.  Likely it will stay north, but something to watch.  But it will be what keeps us from warming into the 70s.  It kind of feels like it is time to pull out my tomato plants.  Things are ripening very slowly with this sort of weather.

A decent sized long period swell arrive tomorrow and builds through the day.  Stay away from the water if you are not serious about your ocean skills.  It might be nice to go watch those you do feel comfortable in surf at sunset when the tide is out and the pints in town are going off.  By Sunday those stiff southwest followed by northwest winds are going to make a mess of things.  The surf could still be decent in the well protected corners of town, but it will have taken a beating from those winds.

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