Tuesday, November 24, 2015

More rain, less cold.

Still not a whole lot of rain, or all that much warmth.  Still, looking at the charts this morning, it will be a little less chilly, and a little wetter.  It is drizzling outside right now, but the bulk of this system is still well north, around the OR/CA border at 7AM this morning.  It is moving slowly south and the cold front should pass through Santa Cruz mid day.  The heaviest rain should fall with the passage of the front.  The low then moves east, only to be blocked by a high pressure.  It then might retrograde, and spin another round of showers off the ocean later tonight and through mid day on Wednesday.  Lows expected in the mid to upper 30s and highs in the upper 50s.  When the sun comes out for Thanksgiving, it could hit 60F, and actually feel nice and warm.

These guys are back.  Wait for some warmth and then the sun to hit them.

Jury is still out on undercutting for more rain over the coming weekend.  And models are now leaning toward possibility of heavy rain for the middle of next week.  Welcome to the winter.

If you are out on the roads today and tomorrow, please be careful.  Pavement will be wet, and potentially icy as low at 2500 feet.  Heading up into Tahoe will be slow going with plenty of blowing snow, low visibility and  black ice.  Slow down, and take your time.  If you are staying here in town, bundle up.  Might be a great day for a walk (or a run to warm up) on Thursday.  Enjoy the holiday.

EDIT.  .38" and counting.  Rain came in around 9AM.  Another band is forming offshore of NorCal and should rotate through Central Cal this evening.  A break in the rain currently, with some patches of blue on the west side.

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