Saturday, November 28, 2015

Stubborn Cold.

I've got one.  Seems like it has been a slight pest for weeks.  And it look s like the cold is going to stick around.  The mornings are likely to see readings in the upper 30s through Monday morning.  We might ease up to 60F on Monday.  It won't be rainy though.  The next system will basically just keep us cold.  If you prefer warmer days, then Tuesday and Wednesday will be the ones for you.  Lows will still be cold, but at least the will rise into the low 40s.  Afternoons will feel warmer, as they rise into the mid 60s.  Then we are looking at another possible storm for Thursday.

We are still six days out, but models are aligning to a wet solution.  Currently it looks like rain, and more cold weather, moving in midday Thursday.  Not as cold as this week, but cool enough.  Overnight lows will likely stay in the low 40s, but afternoon highs will drop to about 60F on Thursday, and back down into the upper 50s for Friday and the weekend.  Basically we are going to see a continuation of this crisp, wintery weather.  Now, strong El Nino winters tend to be wetter than average, but also warmer than average.  So we should not expect to see this cold to stick around too long.  But we can expect some wetter periods to increase.  Think of these once a week a storms as practice.  If you have not already, get your rain gear dialed.  Winter seems to be here.

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