Thursday, November 5, 2015


It was damn crisp out there today.  It should be a touch warmer tomorrow and on Saturday.  Barely though.  The early morning will still be quite cold though, with coastal plain temps in the upper 40s, and protected elevated valleys dropping into the low 40s.  Gulches and such places.  High temps in the upper 60s.  Sunday we begin to see the daily high temps drop, but overnight lows will rise with the cloud cover.  Rain is looking likely Monday morning.  Currently, the storm is looking like how the previous one was forecast, with the heaviest precip on the OR coast, and through the southern Cascades and northern Sierra.  But we all know what actually happened here on Monday.  Still, right now, we are only looking at perhaps a quarter inch in Santa Cruz.  Keep in mind, we are still four days out, so a lot can change.

Eat your winter veggies.  Farmer's Market is every Wednesday in downtown Santa Cruz.

This one looks swift, and by Tuesday, we should see clearing, and some warming.  We could actually see some pretty rapid warming, with a rebound into the 70s by Veteran's Day.  And warmer by the weekend, ahead of the next series of systems up stream.  Unclear though about what happens mid month, as the models don't look anything like yesterdays.  Too many solutions to narrow it down to probabilities.  So, we will just be looking at this next system right now.  Plan for rain mid day Sunday through mid day Monday, and you will be prepared.  There will be another update prior to then, so you can always check back here for more details.  Hopefully the swell arrives Sunday before the weather.  Looks like another fun one coming.

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