Monday, November 2, 2015


It rained last night.  Still sprinkling now.  You probably already figured out that based on the pitter patter during the night.  A half inch already in Davenport.  Almost an inch in Freedom.  The mountains are also approaching the one inch mark.  Remarkable. Snow is falling now at the base of Kirkwood, elevation 7800'.  Just a dusting at this point, as freezing temps begin to drop.  Looking at the radar, this might stick around for a while.  Just north of us it looks like a wide area of heavy rains moving ENE.  We are on the bottom fringe of it, but still close enough to see sustained morning rains.  As soon as I am done typing this, I'll be busting out the stompers and slickers.  Have not yet decided if we will search out puddles this afternoon, or hit up a museum.  It has been a while since I needed to make a rain based decision.  This week's update coming this evening.  I think.

This guy enjoys local late October corn just as much as we do.  So we saved him a piece.

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