Monday, November 23, 2015

The next 72 hours...

Things, they keep on changing.  It is warm out there this morning in the low to mid 50s.  The trend to a wetter solution continued with the model runs overnight.  Here is what the next three days are projected to look like.  Milder today, but still sunny with relatively light winds.  The NW winds associated with the approaching cold front begin to pick up late in the day.  Cloud cover increases through the evening.  There is a very slight chance of rain before sunrise on Saturday.  Temps will dip down into the mid 40s.  Rain becomes likely by noon.  Down here on the coast, the precipitation will be patchy and sporadic.  Wide spread rain could happen as the front passes through mid to late afternoon, and daytimes highs halt in the mid 50s.  As the front passes south winds really pick up behind it.  Pick up your stuff, as we could see gust to 30 mph or higher here in town.

There will be a break in precipitation as we move toward night fall, but a second round sweeps through in the early morning hours.  Cloud cover keeps us warm overnight, with lows again in the mid 40s.  Showers to start off the day on Wednesday.  Otherwise, cloudy and cool, in the mid 50s.  By evening we could see some breaks in the sky allowing for an awesome sunset.  Thanksgiving morning will be chilly, although warmer than expected than a few days ago.  Upper 30s.  That over water trajectory keeps some of the very cold weather and strong winds at bay.  It also gives us up to a half inch of rain here in town, with a bit more on the hillside.

When the weather clears, look south across the bay.  Some of the peaks of the Santa Lucia are high enough to get snow capped with this system.  It now looks like freezing levels will stay above 2500' here on the coast.  We stay cold through the weekend, with upper 30 and upper 50s, with a chance of breaking 60F on Sunday.  Bundle up.

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