Monday, November 2, 2015

It is mid autumn, and it is expected to stay that way.

It rained through mid morning here in town.  Rain ended earlier in the north, so Davenport finished off with just under an inch of rain.  Watsonville finished with nearly an inch and a half.  Most rain gauges in the county, and the surrounding counties of San Mateo, Santa Clara and Monterey, topped over an inch of precipitation by this afternoon.  Impressive rain maker for us indeed.  Plenty of folks just plain stoked on the rain.  I was stoked on how clean the surf was this morning.  It had that nice rain sheen.  It also felt cooler today.  And it was, as we definitely stayed in the 60s across town.  Now that the sky has cleared, and with this cooler air in place, the night will get a certain chill.  Down into the mid 40s here in town.  Low 40s in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Up in the Sierra,  a foot of snow fell above 8000', and temps are currently diving south of freezing in Lake Tahoe.  More snow on the way tonight and tomorrow up there.

Fall showers brings December's flowers.  Got to love the Central Coast.

Down here in Santa Cruz we could see some morning fog develop from all the moisture in the air.  That should clear out early with those northwest winds blowing.  The buoys are still up in the 25-30+ mph range.  Things are mellower near shore, but not light.  Tomorrow should see them crank back up a bit near shore and a day time high will be in the mid 60s.  Wednesday looks like more of the same, except for a better looking sunrise.  By Thursday we begin to warm up into the upper 60s, and the overnight lows rise into the low 50s.  No real warm up on the way.  It is November after all. But we could see some 70s for the weekend.  At least the winds will be lighter by late in the week.

Hope you got out there after the rain today.  I only had a moment to enjoy it and then we were back indoors.  It was gorgeous out.  The clouds were stacked on the opposite side of the bay.  Wisps of fog blew off the hills above Aptos.  And all the plants were rejoicing and singing praise.  You could almost see them stretch out and grow.  It was wondrous.

There is a lot so storm activity occurring this week just to our north.  It would not be out of the question to see something dive south on Monday of next week.  Not looking like the case right now, but this last one sure hit us nicely.  Until them, some mild temps and great outdoor working weather.  If you were back east, this would be a great week to rake some leaves, except for the fact that they would have just be soaked.

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