Monday, November 9, 2015

Morning quickie.

Gorgeous sky out there right now for the sunrise.  Some broken clouds above Santa Cruz. Round two is just to our north and east, off of Pt. Reyes.  The cell is looking insane, with warning s of massive lightning and water spouts as it moves across the open waters.  If this one gets far enough south, we will have a period of heavy rains today.  It is mostly moving east, but has some south drift to it.  Wide spread rain is expected today, with up to a half inch across the region.  Timing has sped back up with this one, and should be here for the middle of the day, with rain tapering to showers by evening.  Better hope your stompers are dry.  Oh, and it is snowing again in Tahoe.  More on that tomorrow, but there is a chance that some more resorts could open.

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