Friday, November 6, 2015

Speeding things up.

Today is the warmest day of the week.  Not terrible, but not making me wish I was at the beach.  Still it is nice enough.  Saturday looks similiar to start.  Crisp morning.  Light breezes.  Warming into the mid to upper 60s.  But by afternoon we should begin to see some clouds filling in high over head.  Humidity increases, and we could see rain before sunrise on Sunday.  Light rain.  Drizzle really.  Here and there.  Not every where.  Same for Sunday, but that cloud cover keeps the overnight low just around 50F.  And the high creeps into the low 60s, as cold air fills in.  Clouds continue overnight, and the real burst of energy moves ashore early Monday.  Not a whole lot coming our way.  Maybe a quarter inch, but likely much less.

Regardless, it looks like Sunday will have cloud cover, and be cool, with a chance for showery conditions.  Monday will be even cooler, with a good chance for some rain in the morning, and strong north westerly sea breezes in the afternoon.  Tuesday will start crisp, especially if we see the stars out the night before, which is looking likely.  This would be our first chance to drop into the upper 30s for the Santa Cruz area.  Close to the ocean will be warmer, but those protected valleys will be very chilly.  Then things start to warm up.  Mid 60s on Tuesday.  Upper 60s for Veterans Day.  &0F for Thursday?  Overnight lows climb back up through the 40s as well.  Week two is currently looking dry, which would mean that next weekend could be nice and warm.

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