Monday, November 16, 2015

Cold enough?

Hope so, as things only warm up from this morning.  Which was cold. In case you did not notice.  Not quite as cold at the cold one last week.  39.9F was the early morning reading.  A full 1.1 degree warmer than last week.  Cozy, right?  Anyway, things warm up from there.  It is almost 60F out there right now.  I doubt we see much more warming than that for today.  A very clear sky and some very brisk NW winds.  It feels wintery.  The ocean is a deep blue with frothing white caps.  But things only get warmer from here.  Tomorrow we will be back in the mid 60s.  Wednesday may be a bit cooler again, due to low pressure moving through to our north and suppressing warming.  Not as cold as today though.  Then we start a nice warming trend through Friday which may actually see a temperature resembling 70F.  Things are a bit questionable beyond that.

Near Westerly in summer.

Currently it looks like continued dry and mild weather through the Thanksgiving holiday, although there has been some interesting model runs recently that suggest something very different.  The high pressure that filled in today will eventually travel north, and possibly west this coming weekend.  A slight shift and we see slightly cooler, and still clear, weather.  As it shifts further, we get more cold.  And if it slips far enough a cold trough could dig in south behind it.  The noon GFS showed this with a very wet system arriving next Tuesday evening and pounding the region into Thursday.  So there is that.  More to come.  For now, cool, crisp and dry with a bit of warming each day (yeah, except the anomaly Wednesday) through the week.

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